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Nice to meet ya!

Hey there,

I'm so happy you're here! My name is Raeann, but my friends call me Rae.

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My Story

(The short version)

I'm Raeann, an Atlanta based UX / UI designer. 

My ideal day will forever involve a good book, the perfect playlist, and lots of fresh air. Chipmunks and acorn hats are the way to my heart. My daydreams consist of distant places, towering cliffs, new faces, and my toes in a blue river. In my free time you'll find me traipsing through the woods somewhere with a book, a fly fishing pole, and a camera. 


My professional background is in brand management and marketing. This job lead me to the world of UX design. One of my responsibilities involved managing a website and an app - this became my favorite part of the job.

After many conversations, Youtube videos, and scoured articles, I enrolled in a bootcamp. Now here I am, over a year later, with 500+ hours of experience working with mentors in the field and armed with certificates in UX Design and UI Design.

Oh and I might be slightly obsessed with taking photos.


A fun fact about me is...

The best day of my life was caught on camera. (Remember what I said earlier about chipmunks?)

And last but not least, what I value most in life is my people and my Yeshua.

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It's in my blood.

It's how I'm wired.

The fluidity of the language of design is beautiful. 

My heart is to serve people through design.

I'm passionate about the process of sculpting a product. 

It's in my blood.

I come from a long line of artists, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs who made a business out of their art. Growing up in this atmosphere gave me a unique perspective on connecting business and passion. 

It's how im wired.

I've always had an eye for design paired with a deep love of science. This made for a difficult time deciding on a career. I jumped from a science based career path to one in the arts searching for what felt right. 

This is where UX design comes in. When I discovered UX, it felt like home - a place where my analytical mind and creative mind could live in harmony.

The fluidity of the language of design is beautiful. 

Design takes many shapes and forms. It is cross functional, the same message translated across various mediums. A sticker can be a poster, can be a magazine, can be a website, can be an app. I love the fluidity of design communication and the challenge that comes with learning how to speak the language of your medium. 

My heart is to serve people through design. 

I'm passionate about brands and helping people tell their story. This is where my background in entrepreneurship comes in. I empathize with the person or people behind the business who have invested a great deal in their work and desire to support them by designing products that give - to the business and its users. I'm also a solver. I love serving others by solving problems. My superhero catch phrase would be "there should be an an app for that."

I'm passionate about the process of sculpting a product. 

Designing websites and apps feels a bit like sculpting. The story is already there, you just have to chip away until the final product comes to light. The excess gets chipped away with every iteration. This is my passion - finding the design that works, serves the people well, and looks great too. 

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